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Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is very important to keep lawns and landscape healthy, watered, and green. Without regular watering your plants and grass will not survive. Aquamist sprinkler systems are a great way to consistently maintain your property. An Aquamist irrigation system can:

1) SAVE TIME – no more having to remember to water, pulling the hose around the yard, or having to move the sprinkler. Your lawn gets watered even when you are away!

2) SAVE MONEY– Over watering or under watering can kill your shrubs, flowers, and grass, which can cost you money. A new sprinkler system will save you the expense of having to re-landscape because of these mistakes.

3) SAVE WATER– An Aquamist sprinkler system will provide the right amount of water to your lawn. You will also reduce watering the sidewalks, driveways, and your neighbor’s lawn. It is important to conserve water. Most homeowners use almost 50% more water than they need when manually watering their lawns.

4) INCREASE VALUE OF HOME – A beautiful landscape and Aquamsit sprinkler system adds significant value for the resale of your home.

A: From the first phone call to Aquamist you will receive a warm friendly voice, not an answering machine. The estimators are all professionals that will provide you with the best possible design to meet your landscaping needs. Our install crews are efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable in all aspects of sprinkler installation. Followed by our service department which will take care of you and your sprinkler needs for years to follow.

A: Since 1976, we have been family owned and operated.

A: Yes both! Illinois Plumbing License 058-115189 and Indiana Plumbing License PC81055399.

A: Yes our Illinois Department of Public Health Registration Number is 055-004865. Our Irrigation Registration Contractor Number is 60-0019-01. Also, all of our employees are also registered. Your health and safety is our #1 priority.

A: Yes, along with being named one of the TOP 50 Irrigation Contractors in the NATION By the Irrigation Association, we are also:

1) Certified Irrigation Contractors of the Irrigation Association

2) Certified Irrigation Designers of the Irrigation Association

3) Member of the EPA Watersense program

A: We have been a client of West Bend for 33 years, we carry all necessary Liability, Workman’s Compensation, and Automobile Insurance. To Request your certificate of insurance, please email Julie Tabloff @

A: All Aquamist systems come with a 3 Years parts Warranty and 1 Year Labor warranty.

A: Yes, but Aquamist will take care of all that for you. Beware of people or companies that do not have a contractor license with your town and do no get permits to do your job. This usually means they are not certified to install a sprinkler system and can cost you money down the road. Also they usually will not be around the next time you call them for service or when a problem arises.

A: No, Aquamist is a full-service irrigation company who take you through the process start to finish. We contact the underground utilities to mark your location and we acquire all necessary permits and licenses for you. We can also work with your builder or landscaper to schedule and coordinate installation. It’s just that easy!

A: Aquamist accepts Check, Cash, Money order, Visa, MasterCard American Express and Discover.

A: Aquamist proudly features Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of professional quality irrigation products. We offer a full line of sprinklers, including the Hunter stainless steel I20 rotors, the PGP rotor, and a full line of spray heads. We offer Hunter automatic valves and controllers so your irrigation system is fully automatic. The Controller (or timer) lets you program different areas of your landscaping for watering at different days and lengths of time to ensure that each landscape component gets just the right amount of water. The controller is just as easy to use as setting your alarm clock! Aquamist can also install Rainbird and Toro Systems if you request.

A: Illinois and Indiana State law require that a certified plumber install a backflow device on every sprinkler system. This ensures your safety from water in the sprinkler lines from back siphoning into your drinking water lines. Beware of companies who do not install a backflow device or who are not also plumbers like Aquamist. They will either not install one or subcontract the work to another company you do not know. Most of the time, this part of the job is not guaranteed like it is with Aquamist. We install and guarantee your ENTIRE system.

A: Typically no, however, simple adjustments to the timer may be necessary to increase or decrease the watering schedule depending on the weather and your landscaping. Your system is virtually maintenance free with proper seasonal servicing.

A: Depends on the size of the job, typically one day for an average size home!

A: We use special machines that will install your brand new sprinkler system with very little disruption to your property.

A: Certainly, we specialize in systems for well-derived water supplies. With today’s advanced technology, there are several options available.

A: No, we have several options for your flowerbeds to receive proper hydration without over or under watering, which can burn the foliage.

A: Aquamist has the largest full-service department on hand year round to assist you with any needs. Our service department schedules all appointments for spring start up and fall winterization; we contact you to schedule both of these appointments.

A: No all Aquamist Systems come with Rain sensors! The sensor causes the system to temporarily stop the automatic watering cycle while it is raining and allows it to reactivate when the rain sensor is dry .

Any questions that have not been answered, please call our office at 800-841-4241 and we will be happy to answer them for you. Thank you for your interest in an Aquamist Lawn Sprinkler System.